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Free Salvador Dali Wallpaper

May 19, 2011 Posted in Design, Wallpapers by

Last week would of been Dali’s 107th birthday. I really would not have remembered if it wasn’t for a tweet that I came across early one morning before work. I typically like to start my day out by browsing through various sites such as Smashing Magazine the new LinkedIn news site and will eventually end up on twitter. The tweet wished Dali a happy birthday and had this quote…

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

As long as I can remember, Dali has always been one of my favorite artists. I remember flipping through a book of artists in 5th grade and seeing his 1931 painting “The Persistence of Memory” – the melting clocks – and thinking that it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It was so different from everybody else. The composition was brilliant. The color, shape, movement…everything about it was amazing. His versatile approach has had a very big impact on my life and thousands of other artists & designers around the world.

So thank you Dali. Thank you for ambition and for the indelible impact you have left on all of us artists, designers, architects, photographers and humans.

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