RIP Andy Irons

Zach Mettra

Zach Mettra

Creative Director

Andy Irons touched many people throughout the world, including myself. He will be greatly missed & my thoughts and prayers go out to his pregnant wife Lindy, his family and the rest of the surfing community.

I decided to somehow say thank you by creating these free wallpapers. I designed a few different wallpapers and had our Facebook fans vote on which wallpaper they liked the most. It was hard to pick a winner, so I decided to post both of the final wallpapers for everyone to download & use. Thank you Andy.

#1 Andys Win At Teahupoo

Andy Irons was arguably the most dominant surfer of the early to mid 2000s. In addition to his three consecutive world titles from 2002 to 2004, Irons had 20 World Tour victories and four Triple Crown Of Surfing titles. But more significant than the statistics was his reputation as perhaps the only true rival nine-time World Champion Kelly Slater has ever known, and the two engaged in some of the most memorable title races in history. Irons returned to the World Tour this year after a one-year hiatus. While his results had been inconsistent, a win at the Billabong Pro Tahiti in August signified a return to form in the kind of powerful, barreling surf in which he made his reputation.

Andy Irons Wallpaper

Fans comments from our Facebook page:

“This picture has soul.” – Taylor C.

“This one shows how much he loved surfing. After this win his interview on the boat was all time. I’ve never seen anyone so happy about a tour win. He has over 20 wins on the World Tour and his emotions during this interview seemed like this was his first time winning a contest.” – Shaunt H.

#2 Andy In His Element

No matter what information emerges from the medical examiner’s office, Irons’s life won’t be completely defined by a toxicology report. Instead, when his son wants to learn about his father, he’ll be told of a complex man who lived hard and fast, who relished his role in surfing but hated the fame that attended it, and who struggled mightily to overcome problems that he was never able to talk about. Read the full article by Brad Melekian on Outside Online.

Andy Irons Wallpaper

User comments from our Facebook page:

“I vote this one. when i think of an image of him i would want to remember him by, i think one of him gettin shacked relaxed is best.” – Nate C.

“I vote this one too! Shows him doing what he was passionate about. And it’s a beautiful pic!” – Tanya D.

“I like the second one as well. It shows Andy doing what he loved, and does not seem to have a beginning or an end.” Jack F.


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