Pinterest – The Perfect Tool for Homebuilders

Lana Phillips

Lana Phillips

SEO Manager

Pinterest has tapped into an interesting and creative way to facilitate online communication and marketing. A Pinterest user “pins” images from the web that resonate with them onto their themed “board”, which then can be “repined” by other users thus adding it to their own boards. Popular photos can go viral, getting pinned thousands of times. These pins maintain their source link through the entire thread, being passed on like “word-of-mouth” marketing but through a digital medium. One of the most popular subjects of pins are homes; grandiose kitchens, interior design inspiration, and architectural structures. This creates a unique marketing opportunity for custom home builders and home renovators.

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Pinterest for Home Builders

Finding Themes for Your Boards

The key to Pinterest’s success is in the use and management of boards. Boards are versatile galleries where you can pin images from nearly anywhere online and users can easily subscribe to stay informed of new pins to that board. The follower receives a notification, and then they can readily link to the image’s source or revisit previous pins on the board. Your photos should be arranged amongst several themed boards, so get creative with your boards. Here are some board ideas home builders can implement:
  • Design Boards can be used to demonstrate color palettes, architectural styles(ranch, modern, craftsmen style homes), or interior designcollections (minimalist, nautical, rustic interiors). Create boards for specific rooms like kitchens or offices and then steadily fill the board with images from past projects or repin images that exemplify your home building ability and style.
  • Regional Boards can give your prospective clients a taste for local living by highlighting museums, restaurants, nightlife, parks and hidden gems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Make your own Top 10 lists and post them to your blog, which you can then pin to this board. Viewers are more likely to click an image of a recommended park knowing that they’ll learn about 9 others.
  • How-To Boards can be useful in creating enthusiasm for clients who may want to add onto or creatively approach their new living spaces. This can range from DIY Home Decor ideasto Home Maintenance Checklists. Also popular on Pinterest are  “Home Hacks“, which show tips on how to clean, organize, and simplify your life in clever ways.
  • Holiday Boards can be added to on an annual basis. For a Christmas Board, you can include home decorations, custom how-to’s, dinner recipes, games for the family, or gift guides. The sky is the limit as long as you make sure to emphasize family and the home.
  • Collaborative Boards allows you to invite othersto pin their own images to your board. Ask contributors to pin their favorite rooms from their home or from the web.  Not only will they feel engaged with your brand, but you’ll be able to see what styles of homes are popular or what customizations people want for their homes.

pinterest for home builders

Effective Pinning and Board Management

The savvy Pinterest empowered home builder doesn’t merely pin images to boards and sit back however. To maximize your efforts, utilize these Pinterest tricks-of-the-trade.
  • Make a Business Account and optimize it for search engines. First, make sure your boards are visible by selecting No in your Search Privacy options. You should also verify your website which can be done in a few short steps, and lastly make sure to include your most important keywords in your About section.
  • Boards with SEO Friendly Titles should be enticing while still sounding natural. The goal is to increase visibility in search engines while also earning the click, so keep in mind what people are searching for on Pinterest. For this reason, try making a board called “Beautiful Kitchen Design in Denver” as opposed to “Custom Home Builder in Denver”.
  • Create Detailed Pin Descriptions using terms that people are searching for. Using design and lifestyle related keywords such as “rustic”, “cozy”, “traditional”, “modern”, or “spanish” will attract searchers on a broader base, while using keywords that are relevant to your business such as your community name, city, region and state will hone in local prospects. You can also use hashtags for important keywords, but don’t use more than three.
  • Include Blog Articlesin your boards by pinning an image from your blog posts. When someone clicks on the image they will be redirected to the article from your website, inviting them to sample your entire collection of content.
  • Optimize Uploaded Photos by including an alt tag in its metadata. Metadata is used by search engines to match appropriate photos to search queries. With a descriptive alt tag such as “traditional oak fireplace mantle”, search engines will have better chances finding your uploaded photo.
  • Pin as Often as Possiblesince new photos will show up at the top of the feed. Followers of your board will be notified of new additions, prompting them to check out your new pins. However, do not post too many photos at once for this can put you at risk for being viewed as a spammer.
  • Engage Your Fellow Pinners by liking and commenting on their pins. Avoid sounding salesy since this usually looks like spam. It’s the warm and authentic commentary that can drive traffic back to your Pinterest page.
With consistent pinning and board maintenance you are sure to attract new followers in no time. Expressing your expertise as a homebuilder on varying mediums is essential in today’s market, and Pinterest has the functionality and user base for you to make that connection. Just remember to take it easy – don’t flood your boards with images, but maintain a steady rate of posting. On top of that, make sure your boards are organized and optimized so that search engines andpeople can understand them. Eventually you’ll find that connecting to potential clients through Pinterest can be rewarding and fun.


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