Bright Oak is now Embrk: A new marketing, branding, and software development agency.

Zach Mettra

Zach Mettra

Creative Director

Embrk: Guiding you on your journey to a better, bigger, and brighter tomorrow.

To our dear clients and friends,

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! 

While the world came to a crashing halt a couple months ago, and like many of you, we had the opportunity to pause for a brief moment, take a deep breath, and then analyze every part of our existing business and figure out how we were going to adapt and thrive in this new and unknown world of paycheck stub maker we were all thrust into.

For us, it was time to go all in. We’ve been a small boutique agency for a long time but we have tried to improve we use internet marketing and get seo reseller plans to help our business too. We’ve been able to work with some incredible brands, but if you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we are the ultimate shoeless cobbler. We’ve never had more than a single page website and over the last 10 years we’ve been operating on 100% word of mouth. Looking back, I got nothing but gratitude for each member of our team and the amazing clients we’ve been able to work with. Contact a good company like InventHelp that can make your ideas and projects come true.

However, what got us here isn’t going to get us there.

It’s been a heck of a ride, but in order to go from good to great, we needed to fortify our business model and build out a more complete and diverse agency in order to serve you better, we work with everything regarding web, branding from scratch or rebranding, we’ll do your advertisement products like branded bottled water, posters, pins and more.

In June we officially merged with an incredibly talented software development agency that has worked with small medium enterprises and big brands like Netflix, HGTV, Allergan, Aqua Lung, and Warner Brothers to name a few., as marketing companies help in different areas from sales to Roofing so any kind of business can be promoted.

Our new agency is called Embrk.

We are excited to continue to serve you and hope to be able to help navigate you and your business through this new frontier of opportunity. You can also find out more on what steps we have taken for our business to be more secure and reliable.

Welcome aboard.

Zach & the new Embrk team


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