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Robert Brady
  • PPC
  • 04.03.2018

Getting Started With AdWords Promotion Extensions

What Is The Promotion Extension? AdWords offers several ad extensions which add information to your ad when displayed on search results pages. Sitelinks are those little blue links. Location extensions display the address of the advertiser. Not only do these help your ad occupy more space and be more relevant/attractive (to win those clicks) they … Continued

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Lana Phillips

Is Google Shifting Its Focus From Organic to Paid Search?

When Google makes any changes to their SERP, there is always a rhyme and a reason for it.And with each algorithm or layout change comes a widespread need for adaptation from SEO and PPC marketers alike. As we all know, Google’s claim to fame as a search engine has always been showing their users the … Continued

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Lana Phillips

“Harness The Power of PPC and SEO for Insane Landing Page Results” Webinar Wrap-Up

Spot the easy wins - by using Google Webmaster Tools, you can identify keywords that are converting well but have few impressions. People are liking what they see when they do see it, so this would be a great keywords to start targeting with PPC to help bring your brand to more viewers.

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Scott Cowley

SEO & PPC: The Facts on Integration, Cannibalism & Synergism

One of Internet marketing’s important questions is whether it makes sense to put a marketing budget toward search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or both? You’ll find a mix of opinions on the issue. Some feel that adding PPC when a site is already ranking well organically creates unnecessary expensive cannibalism—paying for clicks that would have come for free through an organic ranking. Others believe in a synergistic effect that PPC has on organic traffic. So what is the right answer?

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